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Polymer 80 Pro Series - Squeaky Slide Fix

Full Video Transcript

- Hey, welcome back Freedom Protectors. Today on the Marine Gun Building channel we gotta fix the squeak. You get it all beautiful, she's now together, she looks great, you go to rack the slide and you get this. We can't have that. It sounds like a rusted bed in a dirty motel. Hey, Marine Gun Building knows nothing about that. If this is your first time here, welcome Freedom Protectors to the MarineGunBuilder channel. Please hit subscribe, turn on notifications. All right, it's time to go pro, roll the intro. All right, so what we need for this project. Got a microfiber towel, can of Ballistol, I got some shooter's lube oil and I have the weapon. Now, as far as the squeaky slider's concerned all you need is the lubricant, all right. I'm going to oil the slide while I have everything open, make it function better, and I'll show you that too while we're doing this okay. So to get started, obviously, magazine out, no rounds in the chamber, so I'm going to take my weapon. I'm going to dry fire. I got my index finger and my thumb on it. I'm going to take my hand, wrap it around the back of the side like this. I'm going to pull back and as I pull back just a little bit, I'm going to feel my slide release catch and I'm going to pull those tabs down and push it forward. Good to go, all right. So we can put the frame aside. We have the spring, we have the barrel, so I'm going to go ahead and take this out, put that down and we can remove our barrel. Pretty easy. So now, let's get a closer shot here. All right, we're good to go. I have my recoil spring here. Now this is the culprit that's making all that squeaky noise so here, take my can of Ballistol, give it a little shake. Do. Turn it over. Turn it over. Okay. Just put that aside. All right, so as this sets up now, I'm going to go ahead, I'm going to oil this slide real quick so look if it's from a good manufacturer, it's going to come preoiled in all the right spots like this one is. You know from the factory, this happens to be an Alpha 4 Marksman slide, I have the Alpha 5 Executive, I've had great, great luck with that so for this build I went with the Alpha 4. Okay so I'm going to go ahead and use some Stage 2 Shooters. You can use whatever oil you prefer. This actually comes with a pen applicator as well. I'm not going to do that. What I'm going to do, I'm going to start at the back end of the slide, and right into the channel on either side, I'm going to put one little drop of oil there and another one there right inside those channels. So let's get this open. Put one in there, one in there and then I'm gonna let gravity tale over, so I'm gonna do something else. I'm going to show you something else real quick because this method is fantastic as well for cleaning your weapon. I'm going to use a patch and an old credit card. But what happens is that when you're shooting, this is why it's good for cleaning, when you're shooting, all the gunk kind of collects into that little ridge line and then when you get home, you go to clean your weapon, you're using a q-tip but the q-tip is round, it doesn't really fit into that channel. So here's what I do. I take a patch, I take an old credit card, like this and what I'm going to do here, if I'm cleaning, obviously I'm going to scrub it to get it out but here I'm just going to lightly kind of push that oil down that channel and I'm going to do that on both sides. Okay. All right, now look it's a brand new slide. I haven't even used it, that's crazy. All right, so now we're about to reassemble but before we reassemble I'm going to do one more thing to our recoil Now we kind of sprayed this on the outside like this right and I wanted it to get into all of these coils but the coil wraps around and there's going to be spots that it can't get to right, it's just going to be on the opening of the coil so what I'm going to do. Move this out of the way for a second, is I'm going to get that Ballistol again. I would wear gloves for this but I'm not going to stop filming to go over there and get gloves so I'm just going to show you how to do this piece. So I want to do is have some finger strength, I'm going to push, push that spring down as far as you can. It's going to hurt your fingers but you know suck it up buttercup. I'm going to push so I see the actual recoil spring down. I'm just going to keep pushing it down like this okay. Now this is going to help take whatever lubricant that's there and fill in those gaps. I'm going to turn it around, I'm going to do the same thing. And right before I put it in, I'm going to pull down, I'm going to hold and I'm going to give it a spray. I'm going to pull down and hold, give it a spray. All right, we should be good to go now. My hands are disgusting now. All right, so let's reassemble. So, take my slide, get my barrel, put that in and my recoil spring, going to put that into place. All right, and- Put it on. Wipe her down, make her all nice and pretty again. And that my friends, is how you get rid of that squeak. And there we go, she's now 100 percent. Woo, locked and load, tactical mode. Hey listen, if you haven't already gone over to Facebook, please do so and and like the Marine Gun Builder Facebook page and while you're there, join MGB's exclusive group, Guns Ammo Hunting Preparedness. This is where I give away all of the stuff I got to you, the Freedom Protectors. I don't want it, I want to give it to you so make sure you join that group, you can go ahead and ask questions there too. All right, that's it for today my friends, Semper Fi, do or die.

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