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P80 PF45 Trigger Housing Fix

Polymer 80 PF45 Trigger Housing Mechanism problems are wide spread in our build community. This Marine Gun Builder Blog Exclusive video will illustrate how to permanently resolve the issue and get your PF45 spitting freedom down range PRONTO!


Below is a video tutorial that illustrates how to do the modification in just a few minutes with 1st Time Quality.


Click the pic to order the 5406 housing for all PF45 Builds


Tools used on this project:


Handsease Flex Shaft -


Sanding Drums -


The G21 Slide in the video is by Alpha Shooting Sports and offers a ton of bang for the buck. Currently, available for backorder on Brownells here:


A very special thank you to the MGB VIP Club and Site Donors who make it possible for this site to stay afloat and continue the mission of providing exceptional resources for the build community. Without their commitment the growth of the MGB Educational Network would not be possible. Thank you Freedom Protectors - Semper Fi, MGB

You can join the MGB VIP Club here:


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