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Master Pins Video - Glock Master Builders

The Long Awaited Video is Finally Here!!

Tools in this video:

Dremel 4000

Dremel Workstation

Dremel Brad Point Bit – US

Flex Shaft

Dremel Precision Bits

Dremel Metric Bits – UK

Mineral Oil


Armorer Block + Hammer + Punch Set

Zip Sander

Extended Fine Sanding Drums

Diamond Bits

Scotch Electrical Tape

Glock Armorer Tools

Glock Armorer Backplate

Dummy Rds – 9mm

Dummy Rds - .40

Dummy Rds - .22

Dummy Rds - .45ACP

Glock Armorer’s Mat

Real Avid Block & Punch Set

Glock OEM Armorer Tool

Glock OEM Sight Tool - $$$

Squirrel Daddy Glock Tool + Front Sight

Squirrel Daddy Channel Liner Install Tool

Dawson Front Sight Tool

Squirrel Daddy Magazine Tool

Real Avid Magazine Sled Tool

VISM All in One Tool

VISM Pen Tool w/ Punch + Front Sight

VISM Rear Sight Pusher

Wheeler Pro Sight Pusher

VISM Ultimate Pro Tool Kit w/ sight pusher

Digital Calipers

Glock Vise Block

Nylon Vise Jaws – 6 inch

Glock Smart Mat

Glock Parts Tray

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