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Polymer 80 Pro Series - Blemish Removal

Full Video Transcript

- Welcome back freedom protectors. Hey, today in the Marine Gun Builder channel, we gonna get rid of your blemish. You know the one that comes on every single Polymer80, behind the trigger in the trigger guard looks like garbage. It's on every single one. In this injection mold, we can't have that. We spend too much time on our Polymer80, making it look beautiful, so today I'm gonna show you in five minutes how to square that away and get it looking 100%. But listen, if this is your first time here, welcome freedom protectors to the Marine Gun Builder channel. Please hit subscribe, turn on notifications. You don't wanna miss a thing. You ready to go pro? Let's roll the intro. All right pro builders, we're ready to finish this up. Got a beautiful G-17 here, all right? Beautiful tabs, beautiful channel, all right? I mean look at these pinholes. Gorgeous pinholes, no burrs inside, no burrs anywhere to be found, absolutely gorgeous, this is what we want, first time quality. But, we're left with the little pimple that's here, right? This injection molding that comes in. We can't have that, 'specially because it's on the outside right near our fancy trigger. So, five minutes, we're gonna get rid of that. So if you've been following along, you already know our set up here for first time quality. Our diamond bits, our polishers, our buffers, everything that we need in order to do a first time quality job. So look, I'm gonna use the pen tool here, okay? The reason why you've seen me use this one all the time and not the actual Dremel shaft, is because this one is nice and thin, it's like a pen and I can come in here and easily manipulate my way around. You know, the Dremel one is nice, it's just a little thick, all right? So for this job, I'm using this extended shaft, you know the tools will be in the description as always, okay? So I'm gonna come in, I have a diamond ball bit here, you know kind of a smaller one, I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna stay just on the injection mold and that's where I'm gonna stay, just right there, okay? Again, not using sanding wheels, not scratching all the stuff that we don't need to scratch, we wanna be very precise here, right on that dimple, okay? So I am going to take our 1500 wet sand, 'cause remember, whenever we're using diamond bits, we're always doing everything wet, 'kay? Just gonna come and just kinda get it nice and wet there, right? You can never have too much water, we kinda talked about this. Never have too much water when we're using our diamond bit, okay? And just taking off kinda the rough spot that's on there, it's poking out. Nice and easy, okay and that's it. All right so, the Dremel is on 15, well let's get busy, baby. Already you can see it all starting to chip away. There it goes, there it is! All right. Let's take a look. Looking pretty good. All right, so what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna hit it with a buffer because the buffer allows us to really see what's going on. Now this can go anywhere. You don't have to worry about anything scuffing, right? 'Cause it's nice and soft. It just buffs us out. All right, looking a lot better already, right? Just about I dunno. Less than a minute, we're already looking better. But, gotta get rid of that little circle outline that's there, okay? So I'm gonna switch this up. All right, spearhead end. All right, no more circles. Cool. No more circle. Let's take this. All right, start. Finishing the work now. All that roughage, all that burring, is gone. It's even with the rest of the trigger housing. And now, we can just come in and make it look pretty. Here's the magic trick. Hard polisher, we've talked about these in some other videos again, these aren't the ones that come in your Dremel kit, but as always, the list'll be down. Now, watch what I'm gonna do with this. Remember we talked about that ultimate black? All right, check this out, ultimate black sponge, all right? Not the polish, just a sponge. And do, on my cardboard here, just kinda squeeze it, get some of that juice out. It's juicy. All right, take my polisher, get it on there, be liberal with it even though we don't like Liberals, you can be a little liberal with this, right? It's nice to get along every now and then. All right, now I'm gonna turn the Dremel down, right? 'Cause really what I wanna do here just work this in. So I'm gonna just turn it down to 10. All right. Hear it's a little different? Kinda like when they polish your teeth, right? Now, I'm just gonna work that in that area just like this. Beautiful. First time quality, baby. That's our policy, right? You can come along here too if you want, right? Make everything look nice and consistent. But this is it, my friends. Beautiful first time quality. Onto one of these smaller straights. Let's try this one right now. And there we go. 100%, I mean that's what it is. Beautiful tabs, beautiful channel. I mean, look at those gorgeous pinholes. No burn whatsoever on the inside or the outside. Everything's 100% and now our injection molding can't even tell it was there. Absolutely stunning all around. Beautiful G-17 ready for assembly. This is what it's all about. All right, freedom protectors. You have a fantastic day and we'll see you next time on MGB. And there we have it. Beautiful first time quality, no more blemish, now she's 100% and she is ready to go. She is ready for assembly. You've watched the whole series and you're gonna be very, very pleased with the performance of your Polymer80. Hey listen, if you haven't already done so, please head on over to Facebook and like the Marine Gun Builder Facebook page. And while you're there, join our group! Guns Ammo Hunting and Preparedness. This is where Marine Gun Builder gives away everything to you, the freedom protectors! I've got too much stuff and I wanna give it to you, so make sure you join that group. That's it for today my friends. Simplify, do or die.

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