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Polymer 80 PF9SS Glock 43 Build

Get the Complete MDX ARMS Build Kit Here:

Marine Gun Builder showcases the new Polymer 80 PF9SS Glock 43 in custom build form and exclusive PF9SS build kit by MDX Arms. Marine Gun Builder will cover everything you need to get a 1st time quality Polymer 80 Glock build for your polymer80 pf9ss, pfc940, polymer80 pf45, polymer80 pf940v2, polymer80 pf940cl, polymer80 glock 21sf, or the p80 pf940sc.

Tools in This Video:

Dremel 4000

Dremel Workstation

Dremel Precision Bits

Dremel Brad Point Bits

Digital Calipers

Plunger Applicator

Mineral Oil

Fret Cutters

Hoscoe – Top of the Line $$$

Stewmac Fret Cutter

Bitterroot Fret Cutter

Knipex Fret Cutter

Zip Sander

Pro File Set

Diamond Bits - Angled

Diamond Bits – Straight

Rubber Polishing Kit

Dremel Flex Shaft

Bench Block + Armorer Punch Set

Armorer Tool

Glock Armorer Tool Guide

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