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80% Sig Sauer Deals


What do we do to feed our freedom addiction when the Glock market is drying up? Build some Sigs of course! JSD is hooking the MGB Crew up starting today with their proprietary Sig 80% kits. Use code "MGB" for free shipping!


The JSD Jig makes building an 80% Sig pistol a breeze. Everything in this design was well thought out with the user in mind. The best part is the Jig is all steel construction and can be used time and time again. Use code: MGB for Free Shipping!


The Brand New PF320PTEX Grip Module. P80 took everything users love about the P80 Glock frame and designed one beast of a Grip Module for Sig. - Use Code "MGB" for Free Shipping!



Have a build question or just want to hang out with other freedom loving 80% Junkies? Come on over to the MGB Forum!!!



The next MGB Live Event will be a Facebook exclusive this Friday May 1st @9pm est. I'll be taking your questions and discussing all the 80% news. As always, we will be doing a frame kit giveaway. Please hit the link to Like the MGB Facebook page to be notified when I'm live and receive entry info for the giveaway!


Watch the Latest MGB Videos below. Please always remember the best way you can help the network grow on Youtube is by adding MGB videos into a playlist on your account and choosing Public. I appreciate each and everyone of you that continue to show amazing support to the MGB Freedom Building Education Mission - Semper Fi


MGB Network "We Build Freedom"

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