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P80 - PF9SS G43 Pre-Sale & Build Info

The big release is only a month away! I've received dozens of e-mails and DM's from Freedom Protector's looking for information on the new platform and where to source build parts. Here is everything I know and where to get the best deals on build parts.

Word on the street is the frame will mirror what we already know with other models. Build aspects will include the traditional drilling of the pin holes, removing the tabs, and cutting out the channel pocket. It was unclear from the previous 3D rendition whether users would need to incorporate a 2mm bit, but I have confirmed P80 will be pre-drilling this for us as usual. The great news here of course is we are getting a 3 pin design, which will make it the only 43 of its kind to offer this increase strengthening. I highly recommend using quality bits. Visit the P80 Drill Bit Guide here.

We have seen many times the 80% market quickly consume new releases from P80. Some retailers are currently accepting pre-orders on frame kits. JSD Supply is offering them @119. A bargain for a new release!

JSD Supply Pre-order deal

Click to reserve your PFSS Frame

OEM Parts Kits

Sourcing upper and lower oem parts kit for a 43 is always a struggle. Finding a dealer who has them in stock and within a reasonable price point - is well - frustrating. As always, MDX Arms does a great job proactively anticipating market needs and has stocked (100) 43 upper and lower oem parts for us. These will go extremely quick, but this is why you are a member of the blog - get the jump before anyone else :) Don't wait on this one - I guarantee once this post publishes they will all go within the first day.

Click to reserve your parts kit


Glock 43 Slides in the aftermarket are another scarcity. I fully expect with the release of the frame - demand will increase ten fold and more aftermarket companies will come on board throughout 2020. For now 80P Builder has a great setup in their Boss line. They come fully assembled for you and ready to rock. You also have several options for upgraded barrels. This inherently solves any problems with finding an upper parts kit or a 43 barrel. Factoring in the cost of a match grade barrel and a upk, they are practically giving you the slide in this kit. It's undoubtedly the best offering on a fully assembled 43 upper right now. Again, will not last!

Click to build your Boss setup

Slides & Barrels

Brownells is offering their proprietary 43 slide as well. Hate to say I told you so, but months ago I preached to jump on this slide at $164.99. It was a bargain. The slide is still available and in stock at $199. They also offer the window cut version for 10 bucks more and an RMR for $236. Code sheet is attached for you to further reduce cost.

Click for Brownells 43 Slide & Barrels

US Patriot Armory

Another company heavily involved in the communities has been stocking everything up for 43 builders. Upper and lower parts kits and brand new slides that were just introduced to us this week.

Click to check USPA full 43 Inventory


Here on MGB we are like the optics planet for P80 :). In the sights & optics section you will find over 70 optics and sights for you to run on a P80.

Click to see all Sight options

You know I will be the first to market with a 43 Build video. I have chosen to go with the Ameriglo 3 Dot Tritium setup. They recently dropped the price on Amazon by 5 bucks and have only a few left in the G/W setup.

Ameriglo on Amazon


Gun Mag Warehouse has a bunch of great sales going on right now and the best deals on glock 43 mags. Click the picture to scoop them up before they are gone!!

Click to get Mags on Sale

Mag Extensions

      Yes of course you want a mag extension!! The best 43 mag extensions on the market period are by Tyrant CNC. This is a total first time quality company. I guarantee you won't be able to find a tooling mark!! They have awesome custom colors as well.

Click for Mag Extensions on Sale

Happy Building Freedom Protectors :)

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