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P80 Basic tips for trouble shooting.

Contribution from Bapegg

We have a lot of new builders and even old timers that run into issues and need help from the community. Here is some basic information that we need to help you along with examples of photos that will help.

First make sure you have watched all of the videos and search the forum for others that have had the same issue.

  1. First make sure you have watched all of the videos and search the forum for others that have had the same issue.

  2. Always check the simple things first.

  3. When you have issues please include as much information as possible.

  4. List all of the parts used in your build and who made them. This is important since parts from different manufacturers don't always play well together.

  5. Be as precise as you can when describing your issues.

Here are some photos along with some of the most common issues that people have. Please post photos from the same angles that I have. If the slide does not fit correctly or does not move smoothly, check the rails first. You want to make sure that all pins fit and the front rail is level to the frame and both front and rear rails are level to each other.

Another cause of slide issues is the recoil spring channel. It needs to be finished so that you no longer see where the tab was. Also make sure that the slide lock spring (940C and 940V2) is seated all the way in.

For trigger/connector issues, we need to see everything from the top view. The most common causes of trigger issues are: the connector needs adjusted or an aftermarket one was used and it is binding in the trigger housing. Another issue is sear engagement. You want at least 75% engagement for a safe and reliable pistol.

Next we'll look at the slide.

Look for any abnormal wear marks from anything rubbing on the bottom of the slide such as the trigger bar and ejector.

Next make sure that the barrel to slide fit is correct. Make sure there is not excess coating on the breech face.

Another common issue is with extraction when using a slide that is cut for a RMR. A lot of times there is a burr in the extractor plunger channel that needs to be cleaned up. Also make sure that the screw does NOT protrude into the plunger channel.

And if you have problems getting the pin holes to line up on front or rear rails, do NOT open up any of the holes in the rails or frame. Watch the videos, ask questions, and hand fit until everything lines up.

There are other things that can cause issues but these are the most common ones people have. If you include the info and photos, it will be easier for others to help you. The more info you can give the better.

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