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Mastering The P80 Channel


For all the Tools in this video and other Polymer 80 build tools visit my Amazon Store:


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Tools in this Video

Dremel 4000

Flex Shaft

StewMac Fret Cutters - Large

Bitterfoot Fret Cutters - Medium

Angle Cutters

Husky Plier Set

Wood Carving Kit

Desktop Vice

Grinding Stone

Safety Glasses

Xacto Kit

Routing Bits

Diamond Bits

Green Polishers

Extended Fine Sanding Bits

Compressed Air Can

The Amazon links to products are attached to my associates account. The price is exactly the same. Once a product ships to you Amazon gives me 1-3% of the sale. This small contribution helps keep this channel running. Please consider only purchasing through these links. Thank you for your support freedom protector - M.G.B.

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