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Glock Animation

The Handgun Information Resource

Genitron is a mega data base of hand gun data

We appreciate genitrons' support of MGB community by providing this animation. ⬇️Link⬇️

Press ▶️ button under weapon to see the animations.

Shoot the weapon & take tour. Watch various internal component functions and definitions using the 🔼 & ▶️ buttons to navigate. is managed by a father-and-son team of computer engineers who are also avid gun collectors and shooting enthusiasts. We made our website as professional looking as possible to enhance the user experience. We respond to any queries and requests with the same professionalism as we do in our day jobs (albeit, the father is now retired and does most of the work!). (Hadron Enterprises, LLC) is just a two-man operation.

Have a build question or just want to hang out with other freedom loving 80% Junkies? Come on over to the MGB Forum!!!


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