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Sig Building

Sig P320 Building

Mentor with a chief instructor bigwig, bring a jig, drill the rig, cut out the trig, and you have a Sig :) This is a freedom builders favorite and one our most popular offerings. Students will will be walked through the most advanced methods of turning an MUP-1 into a Sig fire control unit.   Builders will be ready for full assembly by end of class!

Prior to class students will need the following:

  • MUP-1 and JSD Jig

  • Sig P320 Hand Grip Module

  • Basic or advanced set of build tools

Course taught by: Chief Instructors Rogue Banshee & MGB

Price $249.99

Add the Sig Assembly & Troubleshooting course and $ave +$70


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New Students receive $50 off their First Class
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