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Lets Get Started

 I'm ready to rock, what do I do first? 

We are excited for you! The first step is to familiarize yourself with laws in the jurisdiction you reside. These laws vary widely from locale to locale and may include serialization requirements, limits on parts, and specific regulations on ownership of unfinished frames and receivers.  We do not sell any parts, components, or frames/receivers, so please check with manufacturers on items available in your area. 

 I live in a free State. What is next? 

Great! Next is to decide which learning path best fits your needs.

 I prefer to watch videos 

- Go to the Store and Video section  Here 

 I prefer a mix of imagery, video and written explanations 

- Go to the Self Paced section  Here 


 I prefer live instructor lead classes  

 Minimum Requirements: 

✅ Must be at least 21 years old

✅ Must be a U.S. Citizen residing in the U.S.

​✅ Applied and accepted to the University  Here 

Passed the Gun Builder Safety Course  Here 

​✅ Completed NICS background check -  *After Acceptance  

Met virtually and verified by staff -  *After Background Check  

 Can I take private one on one classes with an instructor? 

Yes - this is available to active enrolled students. Visit the student support portal here and request the instructor and course.

 How much does it cost? 

We do not charge tuition fee. As far as we know, we are the only firearm learning platform that does not charge tuition. You pay only for what you want. Choose from video downloads, self-paced courses, virtual lessons, special ticketed events, or private instruction. 

 So I don't have to pay a membership or tuition to become a student? 

That is correct!

 Do I have to enroll and fill out an application to take classes? 

If you plan on taking any live instructor lead classes you will have to be a registered active enrolled student. It is also REQUIRED you successfully pass the  Safety Course Here:

Once you pass the safety course, your profile will be assigned a safety badge which will give you access to book live virtual classes. 


 I'm trying to access a course page, but it's saying denied? 

You are not an enrolled student with the correct badge access or you haven't completed the

 Gun Builder Safety Course  *required*

The class I want to take has no upcoming date(s)?

Some classes only run during certain sessions. Here is the session schedule.

Glock - Year Round

AR - Year Round

Sig Sauer - Winter/Summer

3D Basics - Year Round

3D Intermediate - Spring/Fall

3D Advanced - Spring/Fall

Stippling Basics - Year Round

Stippling Intermediate - Winter/Summer

Stippling Advanced - Winter/Summer

10/22 Rifle Building - Fall

1911 Build - Summer/Fall

Shotguns - Winter/Fall

AK47 - Spring/Fall

General course work is year round. It is important to register as soon as a new session is announced!

The class I want to take is in session, but it says full:

There is enormous demand for some courses. We try to make every effort to add more classes as the session fill. Emails are sent out when new dates are added. Active students receive priority notice. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. Do not wait to register.

If you are unsuccessful you may also:

1. Go to the video section and download content

2. Take a self-paced course

3. Visit the student support page and request a private class

4. Wait for the next session announcement and choose a date

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