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Glock Building

Glock Building

This in depth course covers everything a builder needs to know on the Glock platform. Students will follow along as the instructor goes through each detailed step from jig and tool setup through final frame completion. The small class size promotes student achievement and delivers better outcomes for all level(s) of builders.

Student Benefits: (Included in the price of your booking)

✅ Free access to ALL self-paced courses

✅ Free downloads for ALL videos

✅ Glock students will recieve FREE Build Buddy Training Frame ™

*Please note:  We are working to add more dates for the 2024 session. 

Price: $249.99

Add Assembly & Troubleshoot class and $ave + $70


Free Video Downloads
New Students receive $50 off their First Class
Exclusive Student BENEFITS
FREE Alumni Support
Mentoring & Personal Instruction Available
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