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3D Printing Basics

3D Printing Basics

Are you curious about 3D Printing? This course is geared towards the hobbyist that is considering buying a 3D Printer. Together, we will learn about the most common questions people have before purchasing a printer. Upon completion, you will be armed with the knowledge and fundamental principles of 3D printing. You will be able to make an informed and educated decision regarding what 3D printer is right for you. If you already own a 3D Printer, we recommend starting with the Beginner Course.

Below is a list of topics that will be discussed in detail:

  • Setting your 3D Goals

  • Preparing your vision of endless freedom possibilities

  • The foundation of freedom 3D printing provides

  • 3D Printing – A Brief History

  • Exploring different platforms  – Glock, Springfield, AR’s, AK’s…

This is an online instructor led class. 

Price:  FREE - Save and Learn


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