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Weekend Tool Deals!

Some Amazing Deals on Tools this weekend folks. Too good to pass some of these up!!


Wheeler Pro Sight Tool - My personal preference for sight installs. Paid double this price. Featured in my Glock Armorer Tools Video!


Wheeler Digital Torque Wrench - One of my most used Gunsmithing tools. This is an absolute bargain!


Dremel Brad Point Bits - They have dipped below $15 again!


Mothers Mag Polish - Insanity!! Add it to cart before they restock - It's out of stock because yours truly bought a years worth of FTQ polishing :)


Dremel 90 Degree Attachment - Back in stock this week at a great price!


Cremax Magnetic Drivers - Just hit $20 for the set. My dad turned me onto these a few years ago. One of those purchases you won't be expecting much of for $20 on a full set of magnetic drivers, but you'll thank me :)


Wheeler 30 Piece SAE/Metric Hex and Torx P-Handle Set - My go to sets you see me use in all my videos. 24% OFF


New Combo Set is out by Squirrel Daddy - Glock Punch, Front Sight, & Magwell tool. Click the pic.


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