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T-Tex Getting Siggy with it!

Contributions from T-Tex

Okay, I finally got my only Sig build to the range today, and had a chance to shoot my one box of 40 S&W.

First the Sig build was actually pretty quick and easy. I used a portable band saw to cut the tabs.

If you have access to one of these I highly recommend it. Whipped the tabs off quick and straight. With the tab jig from the tool crib I was able to grind the taps down on a valve grinding machine (nice fine stone) in short order as well. The drilling went well and I had no problems there. Where I ran into an issue was with the parts kit. Sorry I don't have any pictures but the safety bar would not seat around the pin and I found the parts were the problem, but I did go back and work on the slot some as well as sanding the pin and C portion of the safety bar. With a little help from the fine members of this board I was able to find out where all the parts went.

The gun drop tested good, and fired flawlessly for the 51 rounds I put through it. (I can not find any .40 locally so one box was all the ammo I had.) Now the .40 is snappy, but it delivers more energy than 9mm so there is a trade off there. I decided I wanted a .40 for when that is the only caliber left on the shelf, and I started to view it as 10mm light. It puts bigger holes in the paper, and even though it is a little snappy the full sized Sig has more beef to it than a Glock build would, and I think I can get used to the recoil with a little practice. Provided I can find some ammo some day! 🙄

I promised Captain Crabby a review of the Agency trigger with the safety "dingus", so here are my impressions so far. I'm a little conflicted on this trigger. I do like the fact that it has a safety in the trigger and it does seem to work as advertised. What I mean by "seems to" is that the trigger is large and it has some weight to it, that was something Sig changed to make the P320 drop safe, the weight could potentially let the trigger move, and the trigger does have some free play before you hit the safety.

There is room there to move the safety block, but in my opinion not enough to disengage the firing pin block. Still the slack does make me wonder. Now the safety dingus does work and hits on a steel pin in the FCU, so unless you put your finger on the trigger it doesn't move past a certain point. While dry firing the trigger feels comfortable, but once I got it to the range I notice it was slapping my finger.

See the little dimple on my finger. The thing kinda bit me, but after about half a box the trigger loosened up some and it sorta quit. When I can get some more ammo I'll have to see if this was just some sort of break in issue. At this point the trigger does seem a little loose, but everything is working.

I wish I had more ammo to get a better handle on the trigger. I didn't use the Agency springs as I'm going for max safety and reliability. Not sure what to make of the Sig's trigger just yet. I've gotten so used to Glocks with their clicky reset and staplegunesqe triggers that I'm not sure what I'm doing with the Sig just yet. I still have the light weight, flat-faced trigger that came in the kit, but I think I'm going to keep the Agency because of the safety feature. (That is if it quits biting me.)

Final thoughts:

Sig mags are expensive! (But are good quality)

The Sig does feel more substantial in the hand, has more weight, and the steel FCU frame stiffens up the frame plus adds a little weight. The rounded grip frame is different from the Glock. I like the way they have a lot more material in the magwell. The mag release is a huge leap from the Glocks, and the stamped steel mags just shoot out of there!

The full sized Sig was a good choice for .40 S&W. I feel it has more weight than a Glock build would and I like the step up in power, while not having to go to a large grip frame like with 10mm. I think if I find the right load, and possibly add even more weight with a weapon light, this might just be good DEFCON 3 weapon.


This was built on the valentines day frame.

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Unknown member
Mar 10

You could always use Wilson grip and add the weights to inside grip if you want more weight while keeping it polymer grip

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