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Polymer 80 Glock Ultimate Slide Guide

Polymer 80

P80 slides come in the G17 and G19 versions. Options include stripped or fully assembled with Nitride choices in Black, Gray, or Flat Dark Earth. Price range is typically between $250 for a stripped slide to $425 for a complete slide.


When it comes to value for cost it is tough to beat the Brownells series. These slides are the perfect choice for budget builders to those wanting all the bells and whistles in their slide without pulling out a home equity line. There is a variety of slides to choose from within the Brownells proprietary design. The cost typically runs $150 for a stripped slide to $225 for a decked out slide with an RMR cut. They frequently run sales that package their slide with the Brownells edition P80 frame for $260-$280. An outstanding deal for a P80 frame kit with an RMR ready slide, serrations, and window cuts. Probably the best news is they also work flawlessly our members independently agree.

Zaffiri Precision

Designer of custom slides. Options include sending in slide for cuts to slides ready to ship. Prices typically run from $269 - $485. One of the few places that offer great custom work on 26's.

Alpha Shooting Sports

Established maker for several generations of Glock slides. Alpha also does in-house custom cuts for customers who send in their slide. Watch Optics Planet or Sunny State Outdoors for sales. Resellers often have better prices than what Alpha lists on their website.

Glock OEM

Well of course, Right? Extremely reliable and guaranteed functionality. The prices tend to be all over the place. Best spots to source a stripped OEM slide at a reasonable cost is on GunBroker or Armslist. Several dealers on both sites exclusively deal with OEM slides. Centerfire Systems is a large volume dealer that regularly offers completed slides for under $300. Also, check your local gun shops for these. Gun shops often take in trades and you could score a lightly used slide at a bargain basement price!

JSD Supply

JSD is like a home gun builder's candy store. They offer an entire range of 80% goodies from AR's to 1911's. For Glock, the builders come here for parts, accessories, and one of the few reliable full build kits on the market. The site often runs weekend and holiday deals. Coupon codes and sales will be posted in the FB P80 Master Builders Group and on the Blog so you don't miss them!

80P Builder

Simply outstanding P80 kits. One of the most popular among home builders and for good reason. 80P kits come decked out with custom barrels, cerakoted frames, window cut slides, and oh yeah some fantastic barrels. The question you might have is how do they offer all these quality kits at such an affordable price? Join the rest of us on that one. We stopped asking how they do it and just build the sh** out of these custom kits.

Rockslide USA

RockSlide took the market by storm in 2019 with their release of fancy cut, optic ready, and rear serration slides for sub $220. The home builders were scooping these up in droves. As the year has gone on and builds were completed - we began to see our share of RockSlide failures. Some members report nothing but praise, while others have had catastrophic experiences. Rockslide's marketing boasts that their slides exceed oem slides. We'll just L.O.L. that one. Bottom line is the jury is still out, but with a 50/50 split in user satisfaction, it's probably safer to go with the proven Brownells with all the goodies at this price point.


Rumor has it the SS in Norsso stands for straight sexy. Okay okay I'm starting that rumor. This is one rumor that proves to be true though. Norsso delivers a rugged look with quality. You might do more devastation to an adversary by pistol whipping them than by pulling the trigger.

Zev Tec

Cool slides, but they don't work with Polymer80's. That's the first thing that comes up in most 80 forums when Zev is mentioned. I'll give it a half Pinocchio. Truth is, they are really tight and most times difficult to get onto the P80 rails, but unable to be fabricated to work on the P80 is flat out false. If you are willing to rework the angles of your rails and make the trade that the Zev slide will be dedicated to that frame, then my friends I got good news! Zev is a durable slide and you've got one on your P80. Cost though - uggghhhh. They're really all over the place. Members of the forum suggest frequent checks on E-bay for the best deals!


As builders we are often always looking and sharing with each other the best deals. This is especially true when we want to break away from black frames & slides. MDX is one of those companies that listens intently to the P80 community. Their full build kits are extremely popular and packaged as an all in one solution with many different color options to suit just about every builders color preference.


Not enough user data to report.

Spinta Precision

Not enough user data to report

FNF Firearms

With a combination of high end, mid tier, & budget items, FNF carries it all. This company continues to offer solid products to the 80% community that fits the needs of our diverse tastes.

Rainier Arms

US Patriot Armory


Ebay Bull Nose

Lone Wolf Distributors

NDZ Performance

Thrash Tactical

Gorilla Machining

Killshot Precision

Faxon Firearms

The Ferrari of Polymer80

Boogeyman Customs

Steel City Arsenal

Grey Ghost Precision

Agency Arms

Southwest Precision

Maple Leaf Firearms


Zeroed In Armory


Heavy Armor Division

Aim Surplus

Omaha Outdoors - Reseller

Slide Works Engineering

Darkside Precision

Patmos Arms

Killer Innovations

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