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P80 Rails New VS Old

Contributions from December 1791 and GSW10

There maybe some older P80 models cerculating around warehouse stock.

Let take a look at : New model vs old Rails in general white box vs black box

So I sent in my rear rail to P80 and the replaced both my rails. Huge difference.

It is so much easier to talk about them with pictures showing the difference. The 'New' style (lighter grey) fits in easier, will likely have far less fitment issues, and probably won't need to visit 'ze cool-ar' to be persuaded to fit into a frame. However, if you find one of these in your PF45 or PF940V2 Full Size kit (yes, they use the same block!), you will notice they also don't have as much contact area as the old style Locking Block (black) does. There have been a couple of discussions on these already, I don't think the new ones are bad, but I would rather have the extra contact area and actual support and have to spend a little time working with fitting the block than have the high thin arch of the new design. I do think the material used in the grey block may be superior, the older black block is pretty clearly MIM, but I am not really certain what casting process they used on the new style (it may even be forged, which would be awesome), so not sure if it is actually superior.

One thing is certain however; The newer block is proof positive that Polymer 80 has been listening to the Builders' Community, and has put in some work to re-design a major component that many people have had a problem with. Like the result or not, they should at least be given credit for making some kind of effort...

Thank for checking it out! Keep on building!

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