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First Polymer 80 Build PF940V2 (G17)

A thorough account from a builders perspective

Contributed by ReconGeek

I have been piecing things together for a few months. I have almost all my parts now and just received my 30274 ejector today, so I am about to start building soon. I will document with pictures and update progress of the build in this thread.

Here are the details of my first build. PF940V2 Standard lower parts plus: - Polished Gen 4 trigger bar - 3.5 lb. Connector - Extended Slide Lock Lever - Extended Slide Stop - Extended Magazine Catch - 30274 9mm Ejector Sniper Gray Glock 17 slide and completion kit from U.S.Patriot Armory. I replaced the MIM LCI extractor with a Shadow Systems Billet LCI extractor and added a Lightning Strike Stainless Steel Guide Rod with a Bear Creek Arsenal Stainless Steel threaded barrel. I'm still on the fence for sights though, but they will be steel night sights of some sort.

I was able to get a few things started on my frame. I got the pin holes "drilled" and test fitted all my pins and components, but still need to first time quality a few things before moving onto the channel

Signs of some first time quality pins. I'm not a Pin Jedi yet though...

There is a little trash in the holes, but look how perfect the rear rail block lines up...

I couldn't be happier with how well all the rear components lined up. Yes, I know I still need to polish the rear rails. I need to do a lot to the rear rails actually, but this is just a test fit..

Test fitting the rear pin...

I installed the 30274 ejector too. Yes, I know I buggered up my pretty pin holes with the punch, but I'll fix that when I first time quality the frame after doing the channel.

I used my used my stew mac fret cutters to snip the top tab sections. All went great on the front tabs and they just need a little blending and polish. I wasn't all the way down on the rear sections, plus a little angled on the one side, so they'll need a little more work.

I was a little high in the rear, but that is better than taking too much off, lol...

This was just me rushing through to test fit the pins, no other excuse as to why I was on an angle with the cutters.

OK, so I got a lot of the trimming done the other night. Then I did some more test fitting before going through the effort of all the polishing. I'm glad I did as I had the wrong take down spring. A member of the Facebook group sent me the correct spring and I was able to finish test fitting things today.

This is the wrong spring...

This came in today.

The new spring fits.

I was able to get things installed and tested. The pins aren't all the way in because I was test fitting things.

It cycles correctly by hand, and all function checks worked out as they should. My next step is to pull it apart, and start polishing things up before I take it to the range.

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