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A Great Patriot has Passed

My friends I am saddened to bring you the news that Loran Kelley Sr an instrumental partner and Father of Polymer80 founder Loran Kelley Jr has passed away. He was an enormous advocate and supporter of our individual rights to home gun building. Mr. Kelley possessed an unwavering belief that freedom loving Americans should enjoy home gun building, a tradition older than the Country itself, and dedicated himself to this passionate commitment by his efforts in advising on the development P80. This large network of MGB Communities is a testament to his work and would not be possible without his pioneering vision. Today we lost a True Patriot, but his imprint on the 2nd Amendment community will live on through each and every one of us who stand together as the next generation of Freedom stewards carrying forth his legacy. It is the tremendous efforts of genuine Patriots like Loran Lee Kelley Sr. that have insured we continue our rights to exercise Freedom. We pray for the Kelley family and all who knew him that they may find strength in this time of loss.

(Pictured Left - Loran Kelley Jr - CEO of P80 / Pictured Right - Loran Kelley Sr )

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