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80P Builder Zaffiri Precision Builds

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Have a build question or just want to hang out with other freedom loving 80% Junkies? Come on over to the MGB Forum!!!



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Trijicon SRO

Trijicon Type 2 Adjustable

Holosun V2

Get the Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie Here:


Glock Build Mega Pages

I'm always updating the Mega Pages on the site. If you don't know, these pages pull in all the Glock candy for building from across the web into one central location. Thank you for all the great feedback on them and I promise as I have time I will continue to incorporate more Glock models onto the site!! Click on any picture to visit that models' mega page


Watch the Latest MGB Videos below. Please always remember the best way you can help the network grow on Youtube is by adding MGB videos into a playlist on your account and choosing Public. I appreciate each and everyone of you that continue to show amazing support to the MGB Freedom Building Education Mission - Semper Fi


A very special thank you to the MGB VIP Club and Site Donors who make it possible for this site to stay afloat and continue the mission of providing exceptional resources for the build community. Without their commitment the growth of the MGB Educational Network would not be possible. Thank you Freedom Protectors - Semper Fi, MGB

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