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2A Boys Dominate Meritorious Veterans Range Day | Sharpshooting Action!

Updated: Jun 9

Watch the adrenaline-packed action as James and Grant, the renowned 2A Boys, dominate the Meritorious Veterans range day event, showcasing their sharpshooting skills and camaraderie. The event, a staple in the shooting community, attracts top marksmen and celebrates the spirit of honor and brotherhood among veterans and participants alike. This year, all eyes were on James and Grant, whose reputation for precision and teamwork had already made waves. The duo arrived with a clear goal: to demonstrate their exceptional abilities and pay tribute to the veterans in attendance.

The competition kicked off with the rifle stage, a challenging course designed to test speed, accuracy, and agility. James and Grant moved with synchronized precision, their years of practice evident in every shot. James, with his steady hand and sharp eye, flawlessly hit each target, while Grant covered the tactical aspects, ensuring they maintained a seamless flow. They ended the first stage in the top 5.

Next up was Pistol stage, a true test of versatility and marksmanship. James and Grant, expertly armed the M & P 9 2.0 pistol, navigated through a series of complex targets. Their ability to adapt to the rapid-fire demands of the stage showcased their comprehensive training and deep understanding of firearms. Grant’s quick reflexes and James’s pinpoint accuracy complemented each other perfectly, resulting in a win for James! Spectators watched in awe as he executed each maneuver with flawless precision.

The final stage, the PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) although not resulting in a win for James Grant was victorious. This stage, focused on moving and shooting, presented a different set of challenges. Despite the fierce competition, James and Grant maintained their composure and displayed commendable skill, earning respect from fellow competitors and spectators alike. Grant was the only competitor to make all the hits on this stage! Their overall performance in the event highlighted their prowess with guns and underscored their reputation as top-tier marksmen.

Join us for an unforgettable display of marksmanship, honor, and brotherhood! The 2A Boys’ stellar performance at the Meritorious Veterans range day event was a celebration of their dedication to the sport and their respect for the values it represents. Their victories in the pistol and PCC stages were not just personal achievements but also a tribute to the veterans who inspire them. James and Grant’s success was a testament to their hard work, strategic thinking, and the unbreakable bond of friendship that fuels their passion for shooting sports. This event was more than just a competition; it was a heartfelt tribute to veterans, filled with moments of excitement, respect, and camaraderie.

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Unknown member
May 30

You and your fam are awesome. And the kiddos are definitely shooters. Thank you for sharing.

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