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In this exclusive Polymer80 video, MGB showcases the new P80 Bridge frame also called the 76% frame. Watch as Marine Gun Builder, the godfather of Glock building, shares his insights on the P80 Bridge Frame for Polymer 80 Glock builds. Marine Gun Builder has spent years perfecting his craft and is widely regarded as one of the top glock gun builders in the industry. MGB will guide you through the new changes made to the Polymer 80 frame including, the grill insert in the rear rail trigger housing section, the new polymer material added to the locking block section, and the front pin to be drilled by builders of the P80 Bridge Frame. You'll learn about the changes that make the P80 Bridge Frame compliant with the new rule. This innovative design by Polymer80 ensures you will be able to continue your Glock build addiction.


Whether you're an experienced builder or new to the world of Polymer 80 Glock builds, Freedom Crew University is packed with valuable information that you won't find anywhere else. With Marine Gun Builder and all the top builders across the country as your guide, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to take your Glock building to the next level.


Join us for this exciting and educational journey as we explore the P80 Bridge Frame and its role in building the ultimate Glock. With Marine Gun Builder leading the way, you're sure to come away with new insights and a deeper understanding of the art of Glock building. You can take the Polymer80 Bridge 76% course here:


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Runtime: 6 minutes 10 seconds.

P80 Bridge 76 Frame Overview

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