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In the world of firearms, safety is paramount, and when it comes to Glock pistols, it's crucial to understand and perform proper safety checks. This is the most in-depth glock safety checks video ever produced. With Marine Gun Builder as your guide, glock owners, builders, and armorers are expertly instructed on how to properly perform safety checks for Glock pistols.


MGB leaves no stone unturned, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of the essential safety protocols specific to Glock handguns. Whether you're a new Glock owner or a seasoned enthusiast, this video offers valuable insights and practical demonstrations to reinforce your firearm safety knowledge.


Marine Gun Builder fully demonstrates how to properly do safety checks on a Glock firearm or compatible Glock Build including polymer 80, gst-9 glock, lonewolf, and sct builds. MGB is a chief instructor at Freedom Crew University.


Glock Perfection is a marketing slogan - all glock firearms still require the operator to inspect for safety.


Time Stamps:

0:00-0:23 Marine Gun Builder Freedom Crew University

0:24-1:59 How to properly clear and render safe a glock firearm

2:00-2:57 How to do a takedown on a glock firearm

2:58-5:28 How to check a glock trigger safety

5:29-7:10 How to check a glock drop safety

7:11-9:46 How to check the firing pin safety on a glock

9:47-12:44 How to check sear engagement on a glock

12:45-14:48 How to make a glock armorers backplate

14:49-19:10 How to do a glock drop test for safety

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And the best part? You can download this MGB Glock Video Gem right now for FREE!

Runtime: 19 minutes 13 seconds.

Glock Safety Checks

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