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Building the P80 Bridge 76% Frame

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Are you ready to become a true 76%er? This course is designed for builders who are passionate about increasing their skills in the craft of Glock building. This is the most challenging P80 model to date and the perfect platform to test and hone your P80 build abilities. Mastering the techniques in this class will put you in a very small bracket of builders that can pull off a highly coveted first-time quality Bridge 76% frame. This self-paced course will go through the removal of the 4 new obstructions added onto the standard Polymer80 platform. Students will learn how to remove the four obstructions in the front locking block area, drill the front pinhole, and clear the grill blockage in the trigger housing area. By the end of the course, participants will have learned how to transform the 76% bridge frame back into an original P80 frame. Follow along at your pace as we break down barriers, get rid of poor techniques, and streamline the bridge build process. I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks to conquer one of the most challenging builds out there. Join the ranks of elite builders and become part of the exclusive world of seventy-six percenters!!

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